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Tecumseh Solid State Ignition Upgrade:


We now offer a 12volt conversion solid state ignition system to bring your 14hp-20hp Tecumseh engine drive equipment back to life.

This kit comes with every thing you need to change your  ignition system over to a more reliable system at a affordable cost.

Unlike some other kits on the market with magnets glued to the head of a screw and still uses the stator coil to load the system(which is most of the down fall to the system) our system does not require the use of the exsisting stator.

The WPW-092787 module simply bolts in place and you set the gap on the trigger mount the external coil and connect the 12 volt lead to positive battery and fire it up.

The kit has a 1yr warranty and 24/7 support line. These units are in stock and ready for shipment to you.

Please feel free to contact us with questions.Discounts on multiple orders. 


                          WPW-092787            VS.            610748,610906
                         IGN UPGRADE                                OBSOLETED
                        ALIVE FOREVER                         DEAD AND BURIED